Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Step

Okaaaaaaaaayyyyysssss. This is my first official, official post as a blogger. The previous was just an introduction, however I realised after reading it, it didn't make much sense nor did it actually tell you anything about me. Well, I'm 14yrs old, living in a big house with a blue roof. I enjoy fashion, and scrapbooking, and soccer, and cross-country. AAAAAAH. I'm not a vegetarian, though i have tried to be and that failed. I'M SUCH A FAILURE! ahahhahahaaaaa, no.I have 1 younger sibling named Kristen, a Mother and Father of which i love dearly dearly dearly, and i attend " " Catholic College. I didn't think i should write the name exactly - TOO RISKY - even though nobody will ever read my blog :(

Woooaaaaahhh. I absolutely cannot believe I just did that! An emoticon thingo. Usually I think they're so below me. However I just gave in and did one. Goshhhh knows why. I finished school yesterday, it's supposed to finish on friday, though honestly what is the point, considering all my assignments are in, all exams complete and all we do during class is watch movies. I'd be exceptionally surprised if you can understand what i'm writing. I personally find it very confusing. If ANYONE is actually reading this, could you please indicate how long each post should be.

Anywayssssssssssss, as this is my sisters last week of primary school, her graduation mass and dinner is on thursday night. So obviously I will be attending, and i'm especially excited because I get to wear these shoes.
I ordered them off ebay. AND I'M OFFICIALLY IN LOVE!

goodbye. farewell. cya. cherio

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