Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today's the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Good afternoon my sweets, and might I just confirm it IS an amazing afternoon - lighting, temperature, weather, and all the birds are chirping! Ooops, be right back, just remembered I have washing in the washing machine and its been sitting there for gosh knows how long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEP!

Alrighty. haaaaah (sigh of relief), everything is okay.
I was washing my outfit for tonight, kristens graduation from year seven, and it would utterly disastrous if the clothes were ruined. I should be able to have some photos of my outfit tomorrow, I just haven't anything to use at the moment, as my camera doesen't have a timer. -------curses--------. As i didn't attent school today, I visited booval shopping centre so I could purchase some fake eyelashes. I'm so excited about the ones I bought, they're going to look magnificent. I HOPE AT LEAST. Knowing my luck I'll probably mess up, but i'll try my hardest.

I showed my mother a picture of how I did my eyes yesterday, she was very impressed and asked me to do her makeup for this evening. SO EXCITED! Geez, I'm doing this capital thing a lot aren't I...........GOLLY! ahahahhaahhaaa

Well, I think that should be enough for you guys to read, and if you have ANY suggestions please leave a comment.


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