Friday, December 3, 2010

Number 4

This absolutely has to be a record.......I mean, for me anyway. Four posts in less than one week! Golly Gosh i'm on a roll, literally I've never hosted any form of blog where I've been this well behaved. Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, I'll show you some pictures of muaaa. I'm wearing my new blouse that I got for $4.50 from an Op-shop. Please enjoy.....

i KNOW, I KNOW the quality is terrible, that's because it's on my school laptop webcam. I finally got my new boots from ebay. YES! Here I was taking advantage of that, and youtube, producing an amazingly amazing smokey eye look. And notice the cross ring in some of the photos. I'M IN LOVE!
Oh, something not to get so excited about............naaaarh I won't say, I'll probably ruin it - because inside I'll admit i'm excited and liking the situation.

We went shopping for Christmas decorations today, we bought a new Christmas tree, and decided on a colour scheme of Gold & Red - how very traditional. I love Christmas, just the atmosphere and feeling in the air when you're walking through the shopping centre and everyone is buzzing. Or, when you go to Christmas carols and you feel like crying the way everyone is connected as one, singing beautifully.

I like a loooootttt of things I'll admit, though right now, I'maa actually liking this blog very much. So, farewell for today. Not that I have anyone really to say goodbye to, but goodbye anyway.

Love Skyla.

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