Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay, so now you have seen how I am a 'slacker'. But, I do have a reasonable explanation! My sister and I have been staying at my grandmothers house the past week or so, and with staying at our grandmothers house comes NO INTERNET! I was fashion-inspiration-less for 6 nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I'm not exactly feeling in the mood to post any pictures, so SORRY!

Currently, we are experiencing a storm, though is comparably similar too the likes of a cyclone. The sky is green, no exaggerations, IT'S GREEN. Wooaaaah, a huge bolt of lightning just hit our neighbour's tree. TALK ABOUT SCARY! Aaaaaaaah, shitake mushrooms! I'm actually really scared, because my sister and I are home alone, and this storm is brutal. Though it's kind of funny because everyone on facebook is writing status's about the storm, which is kind of cool, aayyyyyeeeeee.

Anywayssss, will have more updates tomorrow, and shall talk too you then!


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  1. hey beautiful
    i liked ur blog a lot.looking thru ur pictures just made me smile, coze their so sweet.
    ur style is so grundgy yet chic