Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to say, what to say?

Well, this is number 5 i thinkssssssss. Nothing exceptionally exciting to report, though soon - hopefully by the end of today I will have my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO UP AND RUNNING! Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of which, I'm currently watching videos - predominantly makeup tutorials. Gosh, nearly accidentally exited out  of the page. It's officially the holidays today - First real day I shouldn't be at school. Kristen just woke sister.

She'll be on the computer in no time at all - she'll probably be on the internet within approximately 2 minutes. Which, when you think about it - is quite sad!
Oh well, I can't really stop her. Unfortunately I have no photos to post, as I'm on our NEW TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTER!!!!!! So no photos on here.
What else can I say - Oh Christmas tree is up...... so if any readers are in Australia, head down to your nearest Big W, and pick up the number 3 tree - it's on sale for 28 dollars. It's absolutely humongous - 2.1 metres! Yess, I'm so excited because it's such a beautiful colour & it looks so FULL.

Oooooppssss, Kristen just got onto the computer, and is booting it up! Ahhahahahhaahhaaaaaa - good timing.

Well, I think that's enough now. Now i must say goodbye...


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