Thursday, January 6, 2011

And she strikes again.

Gosh, I've been ever, ever, ever, ever so slack! It's just with Christmas, and New Year and everything else in between I have been incredibly busy! But, guess what! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!!!!!


Alrighty, I wore this particular outfit too the shopping center yesterday, and definitely felt quite 'festival-ish' whilst wearing it! It was so laid-back, though simultaneously quite 'COOL'! hehe!
Anywayyyyssss, here is the outfit:

 What I wore:

Denim Vest Dress (Dissh $60), Black Body Con Dress (Dotti $20), Black Wedge-Boots ( Ebay $60), Black ad White Polka-Dot Frill Socks (JayJays $10), Hat (Thrifted $8), Book, Jewellery (Diva)

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  1. love the outfit babe!:) Followed you1