Thursday, January 20, 2011

Terrible Quality, though at least it's a post.

Alright, again I apologize, for yet AGAIN being slack!!!!!!!!
No time for excuses though, I shall begin straight away. These are just some pictures I've taken on my school laptop recently! I'm exceptionally pleased with how they turned out! The last picture, is one that I've just thrown in, It's during my english lesson at school, and I just decided to chuck it in the mix, for fun. Back of the classroom. Ahahahhhhaaaa, and my friend Rachel!

Notice in the school picture, my face looks incredibly bare! HAAR HAR HAR!
But, really the message I'm trying to prove in this post is that you don't need an overly-expensive camera too take decent pictures, and what's better, My webcam has a timer, so I can position myself! The Laptop is my only alternative to someone taking pictures of me, which unfortunately does NOT happen often,,,,,, HUMF!

I shall, post soon..... hopefully!


  1. i actually love these pics, the leopard ears are perfection! xx

  2. i love the pictures of you on the couch... by the way doll, you totally remind me of Ke$ha