Monday, January 24, 2011

gothic elegance.

To update today,,,,,, I have posted yet another laptop picture of myself. I am wearing a black lipstick by MAC, of which the name I don't recall though I absolutely LOVE IT!



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trend Report: SHEER!

Everywhere you look, especially on the fashion front, you are seeing sheer materials. I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a review on the trend. I've never actually done anything particularly formal on this blog, so I may as well start now.

Being completely honest: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THISSSSSSS TREND! It has a slightly formal feel, while simultaneously being on the casual side, with there commonly exposing a full leg, or full torso. Designers around the world are taking advantage, and we are seeing them everywhere. Just quickly, I wouldddd recommend if you are somewhat self-conscious, by layering  underneath, you still get the same effect, though not as exposing.

There are numerous designs and colours, though the material is commonly a chiffon or lace, though occasionally (I) see a mesh, which personally looks amaaahhzzing! With skirts, dresses and shirts it;s incredibly over-whelming and crave-worthy! In fact, I purchased a beautiful chiffon button up shirt in City Beach (an Australian store), with gorgeeeeous lace cutouts at the back.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen look incredible, as they always do, though by pairing a sheer maxi skirt with a fur coat, and simply smashing hair and makeup - she's definitely pulled off a favourite look, that I take much inspiration from. This, may possibly be myyyy first dream outfit of the year.

Here are more pictures, that I admire:

I ENVY THESE PEOPLE ENORMOUSLY! Why, must they be soooo much cooler than me? ahahhahhaaaaa!
Together I have 5 sheer items of clothing, and each I LOVE enormously! Comment below if you have any, and link pictures of YOUR, yesss your looks below! I'm ready to be inspired by your ultimate taste in clothing!

I hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Terrible Quality, though at least it's a post.

Alright, again I apologize, for yet AGAIN being slack!!!!!!!!
No time for excuses though, I shall begin straight away. These are just some pictures I've taken on my school laptop recently! I'm exceptionally pleased with how they turned out! The last picture, is one that I've just thrown in, It's during my english lesson at school, and I just decided to chuck it in the mix, for fun. Back of the classroom. Ahahahhhhaaaa, and my friend Rachel!

Notice in the school picture, my face looks incredibly bare! HAAR HAR HAR!
But, really the message I'm trying to prove in this post is that you don't need an overly-expensive camera too take decent pictures, and what's better, My webcam has a timer, so I can position myself! The Laptop is my only alternative to someone taking pictures of me, which unfortunately does NOT happen often,,,,,, HUMF!

I shall, post soon..... hopefully!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

And she strikes again.

Gosh, I've been ever, ever, ever, ever so slack! It's just with Christmas, and New Year and everything else in between I have been incredibly busy! But, guess what! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!!!!!


Alrighty, I wore this particular outfit too the shopping center yesterday, and definitely felt quite 'festival-ish' whilst wearing it! It was so laid-back, though simultaneously quite 'COOL'! hehe!
Anywayyyyssss, here is the outfit:

 What I wore:

Denim Vest Dress (Dissh $60), Black Body Con Dress (Dotti $20), Black Wedge-Boots ( Ebay $60), Black ad White Polka-Dot Frill Socks (JayJays $10), Hat (Thrifted $8), Book, Jewellery (Diva)